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Front load Washers : Leave the door open on your front load washer after using it to prevent mold & mildew build up on your rubber door seal . Follow the manufactures procedures for cleaning your washer each month to prevent future problems and this will Save U Money !!

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Welcome to TheMikeWay.com.  If you have a household appliance that is malfunctioning or broken?  If yes, you have come to the right place. Mike's Way will fix your problem quickly and professionally. If you need service for any of your household appliances, please use the form below. This will enable our customer service representative to schedule an appliance service appointment. When you call the manufacturer for appliance service, the manufacturer will refer you to a customer service processing center (CSPC). Almost all manufacturers outsource appliance service to a third party. We understand your anxiety with getting your appliance fixed fast. We try to elevate as may redundant steps as possible. Our goal is to show up, diagnose, repair, and to leave you with a smile. We provide appliance repair service and maintenance on … [Read More...]

Maintaining your Appliances

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Appliance Maintenance

Mike's Way can provide certified repair services for all major household appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, cooktops and ranges. Contact us for your appliance repair needs. In addition to a full range of repair services, Mike's Way can also provide the following maintenance services on your appliance: Refrigerator Repair Cleaning of the condenser Cleaning the drain line Cleaning the drip pan Manually defrosting ice build ups Adjustment or replacement of door or door gaskets Washer Repair Upgrading rubber hose to stainless steel Cleaning the pump Lubricating the motor Dryer Repair Removal of build ups of lint Lubrication of motor Replacement of vent line Dishwasher Repair Cleaning the pump screen Cleaning the spray arms Replacing water valve … [Read More...]

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