Mike’s Tips!!!

Mike is always trying to help his customers to maintain their appliances by providing them the right information to properly maintain their appliances.

Stoves and Ovens

Always keep your stove and oven clean.  Cooking oils can cause fires.  Always watch what your cooking so that it does not spill over and run down into the electrical sockets on electrical stoves.  Fires can happen when you least expect it.  Also it can cause an electrical short in your wiring harness.  Always be careful when cooking and never leave your stove or oven unattended.

Wipe down the control panel at least once a week with a good grease cleaner to maintain the units finish.  It will last longer and save you money.  Follow the manufactures suggestions for cleaning and maintaining your unit.  Stoves and ovens are the second most common cause for household fires.  Keeping them clean can save you money.

Top Load Washers

Once a week wipe down the top control panel and top of the unit.  Keep all spills wiped up to maintain the finish and to prevent any electrical shorts to your wiring system.

Don’t set anything on top of your washer.  The lids are made of thin metal and may cause your lied switch not to work properly.

Be Careful not to overload you washer.  Read the manufactures recommendations for loading them.  Overloading can cause a main tub bearing or seal to leak and cause damage to your floors as well as shortening the life of your washer.  Never leave you washer un-attended and run out for errands.  If a leak occurs it could flood your laundry room!!!

Front Load Washers

The same tips for top load washers also applies to front load washers as well.

Keep the door open when not in use to prevent mold and mildew from building up inside the rubber door seal.  Clean once a week with mild cleaner and examine the door seal once a month for any small holes that could leak water on to your floors.  Replace the seal if necessary.


Make sure that you don’t overload them!  Keep you lint trap clean after every use and once every six months use a dryer vent brush to clean the inside of the vent.

Don’t set anything on top of your dryer (laundry detergent, liquids, clothes baskets, etc.).  Too heavy loads can cause the top to cave in causing the drum not to roll properly.  Spills can cause an electrical short and maybe a fire if not taken care of properly.  It is always a safe bet not to set anything on top of them.  Dryers were not made as shelves for storage.

Always check your exterior dryer vent for lint build up inside.  Over 60% of houser hold fires are caused by lint build up inside the dryers.  If you suspect your dryer is not heating properly then this is the first thing to check before call a technician.  If a dryer gets too hot then tit may be a venting problem and not the dryer itself.  If the problem still persists afterwards the call a professional.


Check your coils on your refrigerator and clean them once every 6 months.  More if you have pets inside.  Lint and hair build up on the coils can cause your unit to not cool properly.  The coils ae the only way the unit has to dissipate heat and to keep it running properly.

Clean any spills inside and out of the unit immediately.  Spills that set for a while can cause a stain on the interior that cannot be removed.  Also, the area where the door seals close needs to be clean and free of any spills to help maintain proper seal.  Remember refrigerators were designed to cool the air inside the refrigerator and not out.  If your unit is not sealing properly then check the door seals.  Cracks, splits, torn  and missing pieces will not seal properly and cause warm air to enter thus causing you to lose the proper temperature needed to keep your food fresh.  If door seals are bad then replace them.